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Africa Products: Our Mission

  • Products: We sell Diamonds, Gold and Rhino horn found and harvested in Africa.
  • Low Costs: We are able to operate with very low costs because we use cheap/free labor on unregulated land.
  • Reselling Issue: Because we do not follow international labor standards and operate in unregulated areas, we have trouble selling our products because they are viewed as "Unethical".
  • Unethical Issue: Many companies have been found guilty of knowingly profiting from sweat shops, child labor, slavery, unsafe working conditions, unfair wages and violence. The companies include but are not limited to Pfizer, Walmart, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Levi Strauss, C&A, Walt Disney and Otto-Verstand.
  • Your turn to Profit: The potencial profit margins you can make are very reasonable but typically only enjoyed by Governments and Corporations. Its your turn to make the profits that the corporations typically make.

Africa Products: Featured


฿ 0.35000

1oz Gold ~92% Pure

We are now (9/27/16) offering semi-refined Gold Granules by the ounce (1 Troy Ounce / 31.10 Grams). The purity is 92% gold with 8% other metals. Potential Profit: Price per Ounce ($1300/Є1150) X Purity (92%) = Sale Price ($1196 / Є1065 ) We are able to sell you discounted gold courtesy of the cheap laborRead more about 1oz Gold ~92% Pure[…]

Rhino Horn-5

฿ 0.85000

1oz – Rhino Horn

Excellent Quality Rhino Horn sold by the Ounce


฿ 1.03000

1-1.25 Carat Diamond

We offering 1 RANDOM diamond that will fall within the 5 category parameters below: Carat: From “1” to “1.25” Clarity: From “VVS1” to “VS2” Color: From “White” to “Exc White” Shape: Random Cut: Random It would be reasonable to assume these diamonds can be re-sold for between $4,000 – $10,000 We procure and sell theseRead more about 1-1.25 Carat Diamond[…]

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